Some links for your exploration

To learn more about tole/decorative painting…

Society of Decorative Painters
Prudy Vannier’s YouTube channel – videos demonstrating basic brushstrokes
DecoArt Come Paint With Us – free videos and instructions for beginning projects
Society of Decorative Painters Make With Paint – you can purchase a supply kit and videos with beginning projects here

To learn about art in general…

A Guide to Watercolors, Oils, Acrylic, Pastels – A bit about various kinds of artistic mediums.
Learn to draw Charlie Brown – A short YouTube step-by-step tutorial on drawing Charlie Brown of the Peanuts comic strip NEW

Places to buy painting supplies…

Bear With Us – pattern books, packets, surfaces, paint and all sorts of other painting supplies
Cupboard Distributing – pattern books, packets, surfaces, paint and all sorts of other painting supplies
Viking Woodcrafts – pattern books, packets, surfaces, paint and all sorts of other painting supplies

Painting conventions you can attend…

Creative Painting – convention held every year in Las Vegas
Society of Decorative Painters Retreats – Painting retreats several times a year
Northwest Decorative Artists Convention – held every other year in Seattle, WA
Raindrop Chapter Convention – held every other year in Portland, OR
Oklahoma City Painting Palooza – held in Oklahoma.
World of Color Expo – held in Virginia
New England Traditions (NET) – held in Massachusetts

Painting Magazines…

Pixelated Palette – e-zine for decorative painting, mixed media and more
Painting World – Print magazine for decorative painters, mixed media artists and crafters
Painting Ezine – e-zine for decorative painting

Support independent bookstores…

IndieBound Bookstore finder – search for an independent bookstore in your area NEW
Book Carnival – Orange, CA
Mysterious Galaxy
– San Diego, CA
Mystery Ink – Huntington Beach, CA
Pages – Manhattan Beach, CA

Mystery Conferences…

Bouchercon – world mystery convention home
California Crime Writers Conference – presented by Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles and SoCalMWA
Left Coast Crime – mystery conference held in Western North America
Malice Domestic – mystery conference celebrating the traditional mystery

Mystery Organizations…

Sisters in Crime – national website
Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles
– Los Angeles chapter
Mystery Writers of America – national website
SoCalMWA – Southern California chapter

General Mystery and Writing Links…

Booksradar, books in the right order – a site listing different authors (including me) and their books in the order they were written. NEW
SuperSummary’s mystery resource guide – Lots of interesting links
Writing Careers – Zen Business’s post on the business behind becoming an author
Creative Jobs for English Majors – from Maryville University

Other mystery authors and a narrator…

Henery Press – a hen house full of mystery authors including me!
Hannah Dennison – author of the Vicky Hill and Honeychurch Hall series
Naomi Hirahara – Edgar award winning author of the Mas Arai series and Officer Ellie Rush series
Sue Ann Jaffarian – author of the Odelia Grey series, the Ghost of Granny Apple series…
Terri Nolan – author of the Birdie Keane series
Sybil Johnson – Voice actor and narrator of books, sometimes confused with me.

And just for fun…

Henri LeChatNoir’s YouTube channel – my favorite existential cat
RijksMuseum Flashmob – a flashmob recreates my favorite painting. The best “ad” I’ve ever seen for a museum
Seattle Public Library Book Domino Chain – fun to watch, the chain celebrated their 2013 summer reading program
Sad Cat Diary – YouTube video
Inventions That Changed Society – Describes Shaker furniture and some of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing inventions.