“Rory is definitely a quirky character; she has the ability to draw the readers in so that they want to follow her through her adventures.”Suspense Magazine

Designed For Haunting has now been released!

Designed for Haunting is a genuine treat! Engaging sleuth Rory Anderson finds herself caught up in another perplexing mystery when Halloween tricks turn her beautiful beach town upside down. A clever, satisfying plot with plentiful twists will keep you happily guessing until the very end.” – Agatha Award-winning author, Cynthia Kuhn, author of the Lila Maclean Academic Mysteries

“If you are looking for a fun book to read this October, Designed for Haunting is perfect for you. It will have you turning pages as you settle into the season.” — Carstairs Considers

October brings a message from Beyond The Grave……

Halloween is fast approaching in the quiet Los Angeles County city of Vista Beach, home of computer programmer and tole-painting enthusiast Aurora (Rory) Anderson. While her painting chapter prepares to open its annual boutique house, Rory receives an unexpected email from Beyond The Grave, a company that automatically sends out messages when someone dies.

“I think I have a stalker,” the message reads. “If you’re reading this I’m either missing or dead. My life may depend on what you do. Please find out what happened to me.” Haunted by her friend’s disappearance and possible death, Rory begins her search with the help of best friend and fellow painter, Elizabeth (Liz) Dexter. Can they discover who has designs on the missing woman and uncover the truth before one of them becomes the stalker’s next victim?

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